Restaurant and Hospitality

A substantial part of Weinberg Gonser’s practice is devoted to the representation of restaurants, hospitality, and other consumer retail businesses. Our clients include single-unit brands, multi-unit restaurant and specialty retail concepts and hospitality groups.

We represent several celebrated restaurants and restaurant groups, and have introduced chefs, operators and financiers to each other to assist in our clients’ creation, expansion and success. Our lawyers were there from “restaurant one” for both Umami Burger and 800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizza, and we have advised and served on the board of managers of several restaurant groups from their founding.

We structure financings and partnerships with appropriate entities and mechanisms for each stage of growth. Capital needs and structuring in the hospitality industry is key, as is an understanding of the real estate, HR, brand and other intellectual property issues.

We pride ourselves on being the first choice for counsel when a retail or restaurant entrepreneur first seeks assistance or new counsel to handle corporate formation, partnerships, trademark, leasing, fund raising, expansion and securities offerings.

We are often there from the “idea” and planning stage, and we have the goals of the client in mind and the tools to assist as we guide founders through fund-raising, investor relations and governance and control issues with personal advice based on business experience. Our lawyers have founded, bought, raised capital for, invested in, and sold several start-up and other businesses over the years as principals — in good times and bad — and we utilize this unique business and legal experience every day on behalf of our clients.

In short: Weinberg Gonser offers a perfect combination of assets for both new and experienced entrepreneur-led growth companies in the restaurant and consumer retail industries: We have the large law firm knowledge and experience to work on financings involving the largest lenders and investors (opposite the largest national and international law firms), yet fully understand the entrepreneur and retain the ability to guide and advise on all the needs of restaurants and other growth companies from their founding.

Services Include:

  • Corporate formation and organization
  • Management and governance
  • Securities offerings and other complex equity and debt transactions (e.g., private placements, convertible notes, etc.)
  • Commercial leases
  • Trademark, copyright and trade secrets
  • Non-traditional growth such as licensing in hotels and airports and management agreements
  • Outside general counsel
  • Creation and execution of exit strategy

Added Value Includes:

  • Assistance with your capital raising process
  • In-depth knowledge of the economics and operations of running multi-unit consumer businesses
  • Introductions to professionals and talent in our hospitality industry network
  • Access to our relationships in the growth capital community
  • Introductions to our network of investors, advisors and strategic partners